The Kidderminster-based facility demonstrates the positive impact connected care technology has on independent living

Non-profit organisation Worcestershire Telecare, which provides services to over 100 organisations and 17,500 people across the UK, is inviting health, housing and care professionals, along with members of the public, to visit its new interactive ‘connected’ apartment based in its flagship Extra Care scheme Berrington Court, Kidderminster.

The scheme, which contains 100 properties catering for the over 55s, is a modern facility equipped with a range of support options. The demonstration flat has been designed to highlight how innovative connected care technology is transforming independent living, showcasing a range of solutions that can help improve service quality. The focus is on highlighting advanced assistive technologies, primarily those that use digital and mobile technologies, are flexible, portable and meet various and changing needs.

It is fully equipped with a telecare system provided by Tunstall, which includes a Lifeline Vi home unit, iVi intelligent fall detector and Vibby wrist-worn fall detector, carbon monoxide detectors and bed sensors, all linked to a PNC monitoring centre terminal for live data visibility. This gives visitors an overview of the ‘end-to-end’ user experience, and how technology can improve outcomes. The apartment also features a range of telehealth devices and popular home automation devices including the Amazon Echo.

Technology is just part of Worcestershire Telecare’s innovative service delivery model, which uses a unique assessment and outcomes mapping tool which calculates savings in a wider context, measuring the effects and impacts of social exclusion and the ability to carry about day-to-day activities. The apartment is also used as a training environment to introduce staff to the latest technologies.

Rupert Lawrence, Head of Worcestershire Telecare said: “Many professionals are simply not aware of the art of the possible when it comes to using technology to help people remain independent for longer and live happier, healthier lives. Being able to demonstrate the technology in a live environment helps prepare for real-life scenarios and allows care staff to fully understand the impact technology can have, and how it can enable care to be delivered differently.

“The facility has made it possible to communicate the benefits of technology to professional stakeholders as well as members of the public and their families. It also helps us to show the many ways that digital technology can be used to help improve the lives of a variety of people including people with dementia, epilepsy and learning disabilities.”

Tony Walker, Commercial Director for Tunstall said: “Innovation only succeeds through better education and awareness, and Worcestershire Telecare is paving the way to ensure professionals understand the benefits of connected technology as a means of supporting independent living. Their interactive apartment is the perfect setting to demonstrate, in real terms, how these integrated technologies can benefit people with life-limiting conditions.”

For more information, or to arrange a visit to the demonstration apartment, contact Worcestershire Telecare on 0345 130 1469. See the full case study here