Rita, a grandmother who uses the Tunstall CareClip, writes about her choice and experiences of using the GPS-enabled fall detector.

I celebrated my 100th birthday with my family last year! I am in good health and live independently, and being able to do my gardening and local volunteer work helps me to stay that way. I like being able to go to the shops, visit friends and do the things I have been doing for years.

However, when I turned 100 I felt I needed something that could give me support and reassurance. I wanted some kind of device that would allow me to continue to live the way I want.

I discussed this with my grandson and he also said he had been worried about me and would feel better if he knew there was some support in place for me. My grandson looked into what was available and decided to set me up on the CareClip service. He explained to me that it has fall alert, location services and a panic button. There is also voice to voice communication.

When I first got the CareClip I deliberately pressed the panic button a few times over a couple of days just to test it worked for my own peace of mind. The response was immediate and the monitoring centre were more than understanding when I explained I was just testing!

When wearing the CareClip I mostly use the lanyard and wear it around my neck. This makes it easy to tuck under my jacket or jumper when I’m out and is more discreet.

One of the things I like about the CareClip is knowing that my family can see where I am if they want to, but the main comfort is that I really feel like I’m not alone when I’m wearing it. I know there is someone who can help me if needed.

I speak with my grandson regularly but I don’t want him to feel like he must phone me continuously to see how I am, I know he is busy. When we speak, my grandson will often mention where I have been on our phone calls and it’s nice to know that he is able to check in. He will often just check on the App to see what I have been up to! I sometimes think he is surprised at how active I am!

CareClip has given both of us the reassurance we needed and has given me the confidence to continue living the way I want to.

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