Sue O’Connor, Telehealthcare Advisory Services Training Manager at Tunstall, describes the accreditation that Tunstall training staff have achieved.

A couple of months ago my colleague Duncan Bennett (Director of Customer Service and Support) blogged about an exciting culture transformation that is currently happening at Tunstall. As part of this process, we have recognised that investing in our staff is extremely important, as it benefits both our staff and our customers. As part of this, we recently sent a group of our training staff onto the Training Accreditation Programme (TAP) to improve our knowledge of how to design, deliver and transfer skills effectively for our customers.

At Tunstall we have a team of Telehealthcare consultants who design services for connected care, and connected health including risk identification and technical understanding. There is also a team who specialise in monitoring software, covering PNC software and related modules. In this past year we have trained over 1,500 Telehealthcare staff and a further 400 Monitoring centre staff.

Being TAP accredited signifies that our trainers are quality assured in learning and development. We have always worked hard to meet the TAP principles in our training courses before we attended the course, however now we have advanced our knowledge and the skills we need to enhance our sessions and gained recognition for the hard work our staff have put in.

It wasn’t an easy process – the TAP certification course is a 3 day intensive course, all day with homework each night. In the evenings we had to prepare for a presentation on the final day which involved delivering a 20 minute lesson on the subject of our choice, to the rest of the class. We had to ensure that we applied the learning that we had picked up from the training – it sounds easy but it wasn’t!

At Tunstall, our trainers do a lot of presenting, and our course content usually takes at least a couple of hours to teach. Reducing a meaningful lesson into 20 minutes using an interactive method is difficult, it forces you to focus on really small specific questions that can be discussed in the timeframe that you have, rather than large open questions such as ‘what is telecare’ which could get the audience discussing for hours.

It was hard work, but we managed it – and receiving our certifications gave us a great sense of achievement, especially for those trainers who have worked at Tunstall for several years. It’s a great feeling to be able to reinforce our appreciation for how good our staff are at their jobs. We have excellent trainers and now we can show it!

Since receiving the accreditation and tweaking our courses around the learning from the course, we have had some fantastic feedback from our clients – ‘[it was a] very good course, refreshing and informative’ and it was ‘very interesting’, ‘I found today’s training very informative and it will enable me to provide the best equipment to enable patients to live independently at home’.  I am always proud of my team but even more so now that they have gained their qualifications and are applying their knowledge to improve our course outcomes.

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