Tunstall Healthcare has announced it is expanding its Connected Health solutions portfolio with the acquisitions of Kanayo Software Inc. and EWII Telecare. Tunstall offers a range of Connected Healthcare solutions designed to help older people and those with long-term needs to live more independently, and with an improved quality of life. The acquisitions add core expertise in Software and App development for the healthcare market into Tunstall Healthcare’s established global expertise in integrated health and social care.

Kanayo Software Inc is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and was formed in 1999 to develop home telehealth solutions, chronic disease management systems, and clinical workflow technologies to help healthcare providers improve patient care and control escalating costs.

EWII Telecare is based in Odense, Denmark and develops healthcare products and tele-medical solutions for various patient groups with the aim of making it easy to be ‘admitted to your own home,’ focusing on user-friendliness. The company has over ten years of experience helping Business to Government (B2G) organisations, including hospitals and municipalities, to provide virtual healthcare and rehabilitation via telemedicine.

Gordon Sutherland, CEO of Tunstall Healthcare commented: “Tunstall Healthcare has pioneered the use of technology to enable independent living, creating Connected Healthcare solutions that support more than five million people and their families across the world. Adding Kanayo’s proven software and app platforms, such as ICP TriageManager and MyMobile, to Tunstall’s core capabilities in the health, housing and social care markets, support us in transforming clinical workflows to manage increasing demand by empowering people to self-care in the community.”

Ray Sweidan, CEO of Kanayo said; “Joining Tunstall Healthcare provides us with a fantastic opportunity to combine our life-changing technologies with Tunstall’s global solutions infrastructure to provide even stronger capabilities and solutions to customers around the world.”

Mr. Sutherland commented further; “The addition of EWII Telecare will increase Tunstall’s presence in Denmark and further strengthens our offer in the Nordic health market. The EWII Telecare Netcare solution complements our existing offerings for individuals with chronic conditions through connected health management in the home setting, and components will be integrated with our core ICP solution. The acquisitions of both Kanayo Software Inc and EWII Telecare demonstrate our commitment to the Connected Health market and position us for continued growth around the world.”


About Tunstall Healthcare Group

Tunstall has pioneered the use of technology to enable independent living, creating the Connected Healthcare industry as we know it today, and supporting more than five million people and their families across the world. Tunstall was the first to develop alarm systems for older people, and has continued to lead the market ever since, remaining at the forefront of developments such as telecare and telehealth, right up to the present day where we are harnessing the power of digital technology.

We blend British design and manufacturing with externally sourced innovation to create a cost effective portfolio of services, underpinned by our global experience of enhancing care in the home for people in more than fifty countries. As the digital opportunity accelerates the speed of change, we continue to work in partnership with our customers to develop more ground-breaking, life-changing solutions.