Showcasing a range of patient support solutions bringing efficiencies to pharmaceutical development

Tunstall Healthcare Group is attending the third annual Clinical Innovation Congress in London to showcase its Connected health solutions for remote patient monitoring and patient engagement.

Tunstall has been pioneering health related software, services and equipment since 2000, supporting customers across Australasia, South America, Europe and the United States. Harnessing the power of technology to enable remote monitoring and care programmes, Tunstall designs services around need, not location.

Tim Wightman, Group Business Development Director at Tunstall Healthcare Group said:

“Tunstall has a heritage of innovation spanning almost 60 years, and an established reputation as a Telehealth pioneer. Our recent move into the Pharma Services sector provides us with a great opportunity to demonstrate how our patient-centric monitoring solutions can play their part in bringing efficiencies to the drug development process and, crucially, directing focus on the patient.”

Solutions available to view on the stand include the Active Health Management (AHM) system which features the mTrax and mPro apps. Patients can use the mTrax app on a variety of platforms to keep track of vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol, in conjunction with over 145 peripheral devices such as Fitbit, Garmin and Nonin as required. The complimentary mPro app enables healthcare professionals to review key health and fitness indicators for patients in their care, enabling efficient monitoring and evaluation.
The latest version of the app includes a new feature – “Engage” – which allows secure two-way messaging with text, images and links between mPro and mTrax users. This facilitates the delivery of personalised health coaching messages and patient surveys to further enhance patient engagement. Data is stored on a secure hosting platform, keeping the mTrax and mPro applications in sync. Tunstall Health Cloud provides an OAUTH API to enable data to be securely delivered to other systems as required.
AHM is just one of a range of Connected Health solutions developed to support patients. Another key development is the emergence of Remote Patient Monitoring.  Tunstall’s long history and capability in home Telehealth complements this perfectly and brings all the attendant benefits associated with structured subject management and programme driven data collection.
To find out more and to view the products in more detail visit Stand 7 at the exhibition.