Tunstall is pleased to announce that it has received unanimous support from its lenders to make certain amendments to its loan agreements, which will position the company for the next phase of its development. The agreement has aligned the interests of shareholders, lenders and the management team, while providing the company with a stable platform and the additional flexibility needed to deliver on its strategic objectives.

The Company’s performance continues to improve following an operational refocusing in 2016.

Gordon Sutherland, Chief Executive Officer, said:

Our improved performance is the result of a number of tender and contract wins, new product introductions, as well as enhanced operational efficiencies.

Tunstall intends to build on its market-leading position and its positive momentum to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for care in the community and home (telecare), as well as remote healthcare monitoring.

Tunstall enables over two and a half million service users worldwide to stay connected to their carers, relatives and healthcare professionals, and receive support aligned to their level of need, regardless of their care setting. Tunstall has 3,000 employees, who provide products and services across 52 countries.