Martin Jeffries, Chief Marketing Officer at Tunstall Group comments on the latest success in Spain.

Tunstall Televida supports more than 320,000 people across Spain with telecare and associated services, and its eight monitoring centres manage more than 17.7 million calls each year. It’s proactive and personalised approach to supporting older and vulnerable people in their own homes has become an international reference site for the large-scale provision of integrated, preventative and person-centred care underpinned by technology.

Tunstall has been working with local authorities in Spain since 1994, delivering a teleassistance service which combines telecare monitoring and response, coordinates social care and third party services and delivers proactive outbound contact from monitoring centres. Teleassistance aims to provide continued contact and support to individuals in the community, helping them to remain independent for as long as possible and delay or avoid the need for more complex interventions.

One of Tunstall Televida’s latest successes is being awarded the tender for providing an integrated approach to telecare and telehealth in the Castile and León region as part of an innovative project which aims to develop an integrated solution for the provision of virtual health and social care services to older people and people living with chronic conditions in their own homes and in residential facilities. The initial phase of the project is expected to last 14 months and as well as telecare and telehealth, proactive services will be introduced, which aim to improve the accessibility and sustainability of health and social care services, and prevent adverse events such as falls.

Tunstall has been appointed as technology lead as part of a unique public-private collaboration to create an ecosystem for innovation and excellence in health and social care. The project is an exciting opportunity to deploy the latest generation of our digital technology, and build upon our global experience of delivering innovative and effective solutions for health and social care providers which improve the quality and efficiency of care.