iVi intelligent pendant

More than 8,000 older people fall every day in the UK. Tunstall’s falls management solutions can provide valuable peace of mind by automatically detecting serious falls and raising an alert to the monitoring centre or designated carer.

The iVi™ intelligent pendant is a small, lightweight device and like other pendants. the iVi allows the wearer to press a help button to generate an alarm call when they need help from anywhere in their home, 24 hours a day. The iVi also provides an added layer of protection by automatically generating a call for assistance if a fall is detected* and the wearer is unable to push the help button.

The iVi has a range of wearing options, and is the only product of its kind to feature a not-worn alert, which will notify the monitoring centre if the iVi has not registered movement for a period of time (3, 5 or 7 days), suggesting that the user has not worn it.

Lifeline Vi


  • Transmission to Category 1 radio receiver
  • Plug & Play registration
  • Flexibility
  • Automatic low battery warnings
  • Comprehensive falls management solution

Case Study

Using telecare as part of an integrated falls service in Derbyshire


  • FRS accessed by over 3,000 people to date*, 2,500 of these were helped without an ambulance or paramedic
  • FRS wardens are trained in moving and handling, emergency first aid and post fall risk assessment so are able to offer on the spot expert help, avoiding hospital admissions and A&E attendances from fallers who do not need hospital services
  • The FAST service has been installed in 460 Derbyshire homes to July 2014
  • Both services are linked to local GPs for coordinated care


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