Carbon Monoxide Detector

This wireless detector warns of dangerous CO levels providing unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability.

The CO Detector should be installed in the same room as the appliance to be monitored. If the detector is located on a wall it should be above the height of any door or window and at least 150mm from the ceiling. If the detector is mounted on the ceiling it should be at least 300mm from a wall. The detector should be between 1m and 3m from the appliance being monitored.

Lifeline Vi


  • Transmission to Class 1 radio receiver
  • Flexibility
  • Easy on site re-instatement of the gas
  • Comprehensive Gas Management Solution

Case Study

Safeguarding and promoting independence for people with learning disabilities using telecare


Including telecare as part of care packages has enabled many individuals with learning disabilities in Gloucestershire to become more independent and manage aspects of their daily routines without the need for support. The systems can also reduce the amount of formal care needed by discreetly monitoring for potential risks 24 hours a day; for example falls, using gas appliances, becoming lost.


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