Peaks and Plains – Providing integrated and sustainable services

“The key to our success has been working in partnership with other agencies to provide integrated care. We have a wealth of information about the communities we work in and the services available, and we can act as a lynchpin between the two, identifying underlying needs and signposting to other agencies. This collaboration means we can take a more preventative approach, which delivers better outcomes for the people we support and is more cost effective.”

Dianne Hutter, TrustLink Service Manager, Peaks and Plains Housing Trust

The challenge

Peaks and Plains Housing Trust (PPHT) is a Cheshire based not-for-profit organisation which offers support services to approximately 10,500 people across the north west of England. Many of these people are older, or have long-term conditions.

How has the housing association and its TrustLink control centre diversified to offer a wider range of services, working in partnership with other organisations to provide integrated and sustainable support to help people live independently and with increased wellbeing?

What we did

PPHT’s TrustLink team helps people of all ages and abilities to live safely, securely and confidently in their own homes by providing them with technology enabled care and assisted living solutions. The TrustLink team consists of three interlinking groups of professionals:

Independent Living – a dedicated team with specialist knowledge of how technologies can be used and tailored to individual circumstances to give independence, safety and security. Independent Living Advisors identify customers’ concerns and recommend solutions which will provide maximum benefit, including for people with more complex needs such as dementia, epilepsy or learning disabilities.

Control Centre – delivering services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Highly trained advisors establish the customer’s needs and react accordingly, contacting a family member, friend, TrustLink Responder or the emergency services depending upon the circumstances.

Response – available throughout Cheshire East, the highly-trained response team will attend the homes of customers following an alert received at the control centre, where this is appropriate and the customer has chosen this service.


Range of short and long-term community alarm telecare options

  • Range of service levels to suit individual need
  • Falls project reduced hospital admissions, with only 10% of referrals attending A&E
  • Integrated working with a range of community groups
  • Life Links service reducing the need for statutory health and care services
  • Passport to Health addressing health inequalities and self-management
Solutions for social care

Our Connected Care solutions have been designed to support a wide range of people, including older people, people at risk of falls, people with limited mobility, people with learning disabilities, people with dementia and people with conditions such as epilepsy


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