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A Utopian future?

The Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King’s College London recently published the findings of its UTOPIA (Using Telecare for Older People in Adult social care) project. Lawrence Christensen, Marketing and Commercial Director, explores how the conclusions of the report resonate with Tunstall’s experience of more than 60 years of using technology to help older people to remain independent.

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It ain’t what you do…

Telecare provides support and enables independence for millions of older people at home, but this traditional application of technology is not its only use. Tony Walker, Commercial Director, Tunstall Healthcare gives us an example of how telecare is also being used in less conventional environments.

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A thinking cap

Lawrence Christensen, Marketing and Commercial Director Consumer, Tunstall Healthcare tells us why the Government’s recent change of heart on the rent cap offers providers an opportunity to plan for a better future.

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We need change, not just cash

Lawrence Christensen, Tunstall’s Marketing and Commercial Director Consumer, examines how a lack of courage and imagination is stifling innovation and integration in health and care.

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