In this blog, Rebecca Williams, Product Marketing Manager, talks about the Innovations Centre project and introduces our new virtual tour. 

As today is Telehealthcare Awareness Day, now is a prominent time to reflect on the advancements and good work in this sector.  Just over six months ago we launched the Innovations Centre – a showcase for emerging and future technologies situated in our head office. Today we have launched an interactive virtual tour of the Innovations Centre, allowing viewers to remotely explore the following themes: the connected home, mobile applications and integrated care; enabling people to get thinking differently about the future of care.  The virtual tour is available on our website, and allows you to navigate between the zones in the environment, view a summary of each and focus in on any specific part of the tour.

The Innovations Centre project wanted to create an environment which could act as a catalytic driver within development to bring the best in design and innovation to the Telehealthcare market quickly by:

  • Investigating customer and consumer needs
  • Challenging and validating current thinking in the area
  • Failing faster
  • Building and testing propositions to discover real value and impact
  • Promoting collaboration

Telehealthcare Awareness Day enables us to take the opportunity to think about how we challenge the norm of telecare, ask what the future of telecare looks like and how are we all collectively influencing positive change.

During this project we will be investigating the latest digital trends available with the desire to investigate mainstream technology to translate trends into meaningful services and applications for our users who might not otherwise be able to access these types of technologies, such as IoT big data, apps and wearables.

Interoperability is important to our users and it’s important to us.  We will be using the Innovations lab to showcase numerous partnerships across the group from academic ventures to telecomm networks.

Engaging and consulting with users in this environment will be essential in identifying whether our solutions meet real needs, address everyday challenges and improve lives.

Today is just the beginning chapter of what we have in store.  As we move to IP the space will be a constant evolution of new and exciting potential services of the future.

Our virtual tour is a great tool to get people thinking about the future of health technology – the onsite Innovations Centre has a great deal more to show, if you are interested in coming to visit the centre or collaborating with us on our journey, we would love to hear from you at