Jordan Hayler, Finance Apprentice, talks about his experience of being an Apprentice at Tunstall. 

My journey with Tunstall began in September 2015. In July 2015 I had just finished my A-Levels and was caught in that same moment all 18 year olds get who have just finished their exams, work or university? For me, I knew university wasn’t the route I wanted to take, so it was time to start finding work. In August, I signed up to the government apprenticeship website and decided to apply for a few jobs, within a matter of days I had a phone call off of the Tunstall HR team, within a month, I was employed. On the 17thSeptember my role as Finance Apprentice began, on a year-long contract. Having completed A-Levels in Business Studies and Information Technology, the world of finance was a whole new world to me.

Now, eight months down the line, I can say that I am thoroughly enjoying my role within the Finance department. On a daily basis I am learning new things and meeting new people, which is a huge bonus for my personal progression.  I work alongside various areas in the finance department; the invoicing team, accounts payable team and accounts receivable team. When it comes down to month end, I get to work with numerous people and departments, for example, Installations, Operations and R&D. I have felt that since starting my apprenticeship at Tunstall my knowledge of not just finance, but also of how the business works in general has widened, immensely. That is all down to the great people who work around me, who have welcomed me and took the time to teach me new things, not for their own progression but for mine and I can’t thank them enough for that.

I decided to apply for the role at Tunstall as I simply liked the job description and thought it suited me. Eight months down the line I am so pleased I did so. Tunstall have offered me endless amounts of opportunities and I know there is many more for me in the future. They currently fund me to take part in the AAT Accounting qualification which essentially makes my future a whole lot brighter. They’ve taken me out of work to a conference and offered me many other online courses, to again further my knowledge and make me a greater person in the workforce. I love the work that Tunstall do as it is aiding people’s lives and giving them the freedom to live their life’s as easy as possible.