Jenny McLellan, HR & CSR Projects Manager, writes about the recent wellbeing activities that have been offered at Tunstall. This blog forms part of our CSR series.

So we’ve just collected the feedback from our second wellbeing month at Tunstall, and I’m reflecting on what went well, what didn’t go so great and what to include in the next one. But first, perhaps I should explain what the idea behind our wellbeing months has been…

Although there are some things that we do all year to improve things for employees, we decided to have an extra ‘push’ a couple of times a year to really focus our minds and get as many people as possible involved in some fun (and some more serious) activities to promote good health and wellbeing.

Always popular were the free 10 minute massages and the Free Fruit Fridays. Voted most fun was the VendaBlenda who visited our head office in Whitley to make us all delicious healthy smoothies –however, the catch was we had to pedal a bike to power the blender – so that ticked all the boxes!

On a more serious note our Wellbeing Coach, Andy visited our various offices offering various checks from general health and wellbeing, to a focus on healthy heart checks on the British Heart Foundation’s national ‘Wear it Red Day’. A number of people have let us know about major lifestyle changes that have arisen as a result.  Andy also delivered a number of seminars on Weight Management, to give a boost to those of us on a post-Christmas slim down!

There was also a great response to the pedometer step challenge with a queue forming on the day they arrived.  Teams all over the country have been climbing ‘virtual’ mountains and challenging themselves to do a few more steps each day – hopefully a few small habits have been changed along the way.

We have more wellbeing plans for the rest of 2016, as well as other CSR projects such as saving trees and mentoring, and are always looking for new ideas to involve as many people as possible.