Lowri Fon-Jones and Ainsley Bowles, Telehealthcare Development Consultants blog about personalising Connected Care solutions.

One of the biggest challenges in social care right now is being able to deliver high quality, personalised care and support within the existing resources. Many providers are now required to reduce the cost of their service delivery and are needing to create different, more cost efficient but effective ways of working.

So how about considering how technology and Connected Care can be used? It not only uses resources efficiently, but more importantly aids the person who is supported to reach goals that are important to them – such as going to the cinema with their friends.

Consider Tom; he is 19-years-old and has learning disabilities; he experiences Autism and tonic clonic epilepsy. He has recently moved closer to family in the Midlands from residential college to supported living. His resources and his desire to be independent at night, meant he had sleeping night staff, but concerns were raised that they may not be aware if Tom had a seizure or fall during the night.

By considering Tom’s desired outcomes, creativity was used to personalise his care. An assessment was carried out whilst working closely with him, his family, college and social care staff. A tailored package of support, which included Telecare solutions were prescribed. Tom received an epilepsy sensor, a property exit sensor on his bedroom door and a bed occupancy system which linked with his bedroom lamp, as well as other Connected Care technologies. So, whilst maintaining Tom’s independence, this holistic approach managed some of the risk. The technology also provided accurate information for the epilepsy nurse, which allowed her to better manage Tom’s condition.

Tunstall are working in partnership with Helen Sanderson Associates, a social enterprise dedicated to change, helping support people and collaborate with each other, creating better lives together.

Helen Sanderson Associates (HSA) are an experienced international team, working collaboratively with a range of providers to embed person-centred practices into their teams. Our partnership with HSA will look at where we can offer Connected Care within the personalisation journey model.

The partnership work we are doing will be used at HSA’s Just Enough Support meetings, where we will offer advice to find a bespoke tailored solution for people that ensures they will be able to meet their personal goals.

Our recent webinar – delivering personalised care

Having returned ‘home’ to Tunstall, after a short break away (which we are referring to as her ‘gap year’) Lowri was excited, and nervous, at the opportunity to be part of this collaboration and deliver a webinar on ‘Delivering Personalised Care and Support Outcomes through Connected Care technology’.

With HSA, we developed best practice statements for care and support planning and said that people should be encouraged to think creatively about ways to achieve outcomes. Personalising care includes starting by clarifying what a person’s personal budget allocation is and gathering information about what matters to them. The next step is to develop each person’s outcomes and to translate these, as well as what and who matters to them, to create a personalised support plan looking at creative ways of delivering this.

To hear more about Tom, other stories and personalisation of care watch our webinar here. We look forward to considering how many lives can be transformed with delivering personalised care.