Tony Walker, Commercial Director of Tunstall Healthcare, talks about this week’s ADASS Spring Seminar.

This week we are in Yarnfield for the annual ADASS Spring Seminar, talking to our social care leaders about the inevitable change from analogue to digital that will be starting next year and the impact it will have on social care in the UK.

The journey from analogue to digital in Sweden
At the event, we will be hearing from Niklas Brissman of Karlskrona Municipality in Sweden, who will be describing how the transition from analogue to digital Connected Care technology has improved the delivery of social care in Sweden by integrating more services.

The journey from analogue to IP in Sweden started in 2010, and Niklas had to make sure that their service was future proofed, with improved quality and continuity of service. They had the goal of moving everything to digital by the end of 2016.

A new protocol, SCAIP was developed – to ensure interoperability across all monitoring centres. It provided more choice, and improved standards across all Connected Care providers in the market. Moving to digital provided:

  • A more consistent service
  • Enhanced resilience to adverse weather conditions, such as storms
  • The ability to remotely change settings such as volume or lights
  • More choice for the end user with new services

Opportunities from digitalisation
Digital technology provides opportunities for new models of care, transforming service provision – enabling it to become more home-based, proactive and preventative. We are developing solutions that are ensuring that the delivery of social care can become more cost effective. As we are becoming increasingly digital and cloud-based, it’s creating a more intelligent world that provides the ability to:

  • Monitor health, safety and wellbeing 24/7
  • Empower individuals whilst safeguarding and supporting them
  • Improve people’s overall quality of life
  • Make it easier for carers (both formal and informal) to support the people that they care for
  • Improve the number of choices available to people, enabling them to live in their own homes as they age
  • Improve people’s ability to self-help, without the need for statutory services.

We are looking forward to spending a few days next week talking to our Directors of Social Care about the importance of moving to digital, and both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us.

You can download our digital brochure for more information.