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BT’s announced that by 2025, the UK will have migrated from analogue phone services to voice over IP.

The benefits of digital, provided by Internet Protocol (IP) technology are clear:

  • Fast access to the services your users need
  • A cutting-edge network, giving you meaningful real-time data
  • Quickly and easily update and upgrade all your devices centrally
  • Add new services and integrate with other service providers
  • Use intelligent connectivity solutions with in-built back-ups
  • Keep in touch through apps, video calls and notifications

Our focus is to utilise the digital technology to enable people to feel safe, secure and independent, and have the freedom to live the life they choose.

We help you provide…  

  • Intelligent, unobtrusive, person centred care.
  • Personalised, proactive and predictive services to improve quality of life.
  • Integrated health, housing and social care.

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As we are quickly approaching 2025, we will be blogging about the evolving digital landscape, learning from best practice and sharing good news stories to help you on your digital journey. Read our blogs to find out more – or if you have a great story to share, contact us at


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