David McKinney, Managing Director for Tunstall Healthcare UK introduces himself and looks forward to the Digital Journey as Tunstall celebrates 60 years of innovative solutions.

Over the last 60 years Tunstall has pioneered the use of technology to enable independent living, supporting more than 5 million people and their families across the world. Today, we celebrate our diamond anniversary, and look forward to the start of a new era where we are working with our customers to transform services to become more integrated, proactive and cost effective – using technology as the enabler.

Our anniversary gives us a unique opportunity to both celebrate our heritage, but also look forward to future innovations. We have seen many industry firsts over the past 60 years, and as the digital opportunity accelerates the speed of change we will see many more.

This is a pivotal year for Tunstall, as we are driving the next generation of digitally Connected Healthcare services. Our digital Connected Healthcare ecosystem uses cloud-based technology that means that for the first time, all elements of Connected Healthcare can link together: the service users; the services and the devices that protect and support them; the carers looking after them; and social care, health and housing providers can all be connected in real time, all the time.

I look forward to sharing more of the detail on these exciting initiatives over the coming weeks and months.

Our vision, is that this service will lead to significant improvements in the quality of care and support provided to people in their own homes.

I am looking forward, with the Tunstall team, of ensuring we are viewed as the leaders and trusted partners in the provision of Connected Healthcare, and providing our customers with excellent services and solutions that enable them to live independently.

But let me introduce myself

This is my first blog for Tunstall, so I should introduce myself properly – I was appointed Managing Director of Tunstall UK and Ireland at the end of 2016, after spending more than 30 years working in the technology sector. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work around the world, including France, Italy, the US and Asia – but it’s great to be based back in the UK for this role.

One thing I have noticed about working at Tunstall so far, is the passion and motivation that everyone here feels about the products and services that Tunstall offers, and the difference that they make to the people and the professionals that use them. Everyone at Tunstall is invested in what is a worthwhile enterprise, helping people to remain safe and independent for as long as possible – which is what everyone wants!

2017 is an exciting year for Tunstall, our customers and for Connected Healthcare. Please join me and everyone else at Tunstall in celebrating the last 60 years, and here’s to the future.