Martin Wardle, Bid Support Manager, talks about Tunstall Healthcare UK’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. This blog forms the first in a series about our CSR work.

Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) is becoming ever more important to businesses, but what is CSR, why is it so important and what is Tunstall doing about it?

CSR aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in an ethical way, taking into account their social, economic and environmental impact. At Tunstall we aim to use our CSR work to achieve a positive impact on society, the environment and our employees.

So why are we doing this? Studies have shown that organisations with a genuine commitment to CSR have higher employee engagement, productivity and a better standard of customer service – so it’s a key way to show that we at Tunstall care.

But what exactly are we doing? As our new infographic shows – we are splitting our CSR work into three categories; people, environment and community.#



We care about the wellbeing and development of our employees and strive to be the employer of choice. We also support local and national initiatives that aim to improve the wellbeing of our teams and families. As we have previously blogged, we are a Living Wage employer and are proud of what this represents.

In addition, we have a range of initiatives to support local employment such as apprenticeship programmes and mentoring schemes, which we will blog about later in this series of CSR blogs.


We run our business responsibly and aim to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We have started to put into perspective the amount of trees we use annually to reduce our printing behaviour and have other similar initiatives in place to reduce waste, energy consumption and our carbon footprint – we will be blogging the results of these initiatives later in the year.


We are committed to investing in the communities where we deliver our services, playing an active role in social and economic regeneration. For example the work we have done in Scotland where we helped to fund community projects such as creating a garden for patients on a rehabilitation ward.

We also work to raise awareness of projects and local issues through community networks such as Dementia Friends, and we are aiming to have 400 staff as trained Dementia Friends at Tunstall.

What next?

We are constantly looking at ways of increasing and improving our CSR work and now have a steering group in place who meet regularly to develop our CSR approach and activities. Watch this space for more blogs about our work, including:

  • Reducing our use of paper and printing
  • Tunstall’s Wellbeing Month – raising awareness of employee health
  • Working with our partners and customers to achieve joint CSR aims
  • Using technology better to reduce travel and environmental cost.