We recently set up my Grandmother with the CareClip service. At 101 years old she is proud to say she still lives at home and despite her great age she remains active and is a well known volunteer in her community.

Her independent nature meant that Grandma didn’t want to feel she was a burden on anyone and she certainly didn’t want us to feel like we had to constantly check on her.  Despite this she still felt she needed something to give her support and reassurance in the event of anything happening to her when she was out and about or even just doing some gardening.

As a family we were afraid that Grandma might become less inclined to go out alone unless we found a solution. Knowing how important her independence is to her, this became a worry for us and living away from her in Ireland didn’t make it any easier! However, since she started using the CareClip both of us feel a lot better about the situation. For her peace of mind, Grandma knows I can keep an eye on her without being intrusive and bothering her with constant calls, and she knows help is at hand should she need it.

The main reassurance she wanted was knowing that there was someone in the background to respond immediately if she needed assistance.  The monitoring centre which backs up the CareClip service has given her that reassurance.

When we have our weekly chats, I tend to look on the CareClip App to see where she has been recently. She quite likes me asking her how she got on at the museum or wherever I can see she has visited.

The CareClip service has been great for both of us and really has made a difference to Grandma’s confidence and ability to maintain her independence.

Find out more about the Tunstall CareClip service.